The Benefits of Managed Services and how they keep your business safe.

How Managed Hosting Services Keep Your Business Safer
It’s important to make sure that you have the best services possible for your hosting company. This is because your hosting company determines a fairly large degree of how much success your business will have. Here are a few of the most essential features to look for in a hosting company as well as why this is the case.

General Managed Services
Managed services are important for your business because it allows you to have a level of customization and reassurance from your hosting service. If you go with a hosting service that doesn’t do anything besides just plug you into the Internet and then walk away, you won’t be properly protected from potential threats such as DDoS attacks.
You will also not have the level of support that you might need in order to compete at a high level. Uptime, for example, is often a high determiner of exactly how many people connect to your site and stay there. If your site goes down a lot for whatever reason, you need to be able to reach someone at your hosting service right away to correct the problem, or you will lose out on business every time.
Managed services allow you to actually talk to real people and feel like your business with the hosting service matters.

Managed Firewalls
A firewall that just functions all the time automatically is well and good, but it’s definitely not optimal when it comes to making sure that hackers can’t gain access to your private information. Hackers can adapt to firewalls, and firewalls that aren’t managed well may not be able to adapt back in return.
Only managed firewalls will really be effective at making sure that people who you don’t want to get access to your private information will be kept out every time. Another advantage of a managed firewall is that the service can anticipate potential threats ahead of time-based on common hacking attempts happening in the wider world.
This way, the service can protect you from all threats, both those that are happening now and those that may occur down the line.
The Benefits of Managed Hosting Services for Your Website
Whether you are thinking of launching a personal blog of your own or if you are interested in hosting a website for your business or entire brand, consider researching various hosting services before making your selection. Understanding the benefits of managed hosting services is one way to find a company that is capable of meeting your needs while providing you with the speed and resources you need to share content or sell products and services online.
Using a managed hosting service is ideal if you are looking for hosting that is not also quick, but also reliable. Hosting services that are managed often provide anywhere from a 99.9% uptime guarantee to more than 100% uptime guarantees.
When you use a hosting service that is managed and reliable, there is always support available when you are in need of assistance. Whether you prefer to contact a support representative over the phone, via email or even within a live chat conversation, there are many different options to get help with the right hosting service that is also managed for you.
Backup Services
Backup services are essential with any type of blog or website you plan to launch and host with your new hosting package. Any time you are seeking out a hosting company that is right for your professional or personal site, it’s imperative to ensure that backup services are provided at any time without cost.
Integrated Tools
If you are interested in integrating new tools for your blog or websites, such as WordPress, Drupal, or even eCommerce platforms, many hosting services that are managed include integrated tools to use. Using integrated tools allows you to get just about any type of website you are interested in up and running within minutes without any prior coding and programming knowledge yourself.


Are You Ready for Hurricane season

South Florida VoIP has the world’s best hosted VoIP providers ready to bid on your services so you get the best value. With Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) your system is always up even if your internet is down and your office doesn’t have power.

One of the nice things about Hosted VoIP is that you can easily forward your extension to cell phones or take your desk phones with you, simply plug the phones into an internet connection any place in the world and they work. You can also get soft phone programs for your tablets, laptops and cell phones to place calls from any place inthe world.

Give us a call at 954-786-8647 we’ll show how easy it is to switch and save. You keep your telephone numbers and get all the popular features plus free calling in the USA and Canada as well as free calling to 40+ countries.

South Florida VoIP has negotiated a couple of special Hurricane deals for our clients. Full Featured VoIP seats that are normally $29.95 for $19.95 You better act fast because this deal goes away April 30th. Give us a call @ 954-786-8647 we’ll come by your office and show you how easy it is to switch and save and keep your business safe from Hurricanes

How much is AT&T overcharging your Business?

We recently finished up auditing 8 Condominium’s  AT&T phone bills for elevator , access control and fire alarm lines. Everyone of the bills had crammed charges on them that total more than the service charges for the 3-8 lines on their bills.

One complex was paying for 3 websites that they did not have as well as email marketing and email services they never ordered. They were also paying to 8 Microsoft office 365 licenses, 5 tech support 365 and a host of other charges.

We were able to get all the services canceled and credits issued to their accounts.

AT&T at first refused to do anything when the customer called them and told them if they wanted to cancel any of the services they would have to place 9 different calls to the TS365 various departments that added the charges. With each call lasting at least 45 minutes these would have taken over 8 hours to correct assuming the rep actually canceled the services and issued the credits.

South Florida VoIP has developed a process to get all of these services canceled in less than 60 minutes and get them to issues credits for previous bills. We don’t charge you for the bill audit, we only charge you a % of the refund. We can even waive the refund fee if you change you lines to one of our providers.

South Florida VoIP also offers all of these services, elevator lines, access control and fire alarms for under $50.0 per line including all taxes and fees plus inside wire  maintenance. Changing is painless, none of your numbers change and you don’t have to have any of your vendors come and do anything.

We also offer high speed internet, Hosted VoIP services, SIP Trunks, cloud services as well as colo space and backup.

Call us today at 954-786-8647 to schedule your free phone services billing audit and discover the South Florida VoIP difference

Increase productivity while lowering Costs

A stagnant office can be attributed to a number of factors. Everything from office size to management style can affect the productivity and sense of workflow. Even the type of phone system can slow things down. Traditional landlines tend to impose a variety of restrictions on both the employees and the office itself since it depends on wired connections. If your office has been sluggish, a cloud phone system could be the perfect solution. Unlike landlines, these systems operate on a wireless internet connection. To learn just how they can boost your business, here’s what you need to know.

Cloud Phone Systems & How They Improve Workflow


cloud phone systemsIn a literal sense, cloud phone systems can clear up stagnation by changing the layout of the furniture. With landlines, even though there is a plethora of wireless hand- and headsets available for businesses, the base still needs to be attached to a proper phone jack. Being able to move things around and arrange certain workstations so that they’re next to one another can make a major difference. For example, if you’re running a law firm, moving a conference room away from a library space to an area with better acoustics and a view is beneficial for everyone involved.


If travel is a significant part of your business, cloud phone systems make working from home, or anywhere else in the world, much easier. It uses software that can be accessed via computers and cell phones, so even if someone is out of the office, they can easily access and communicate with others in the same network. They’ll never miss out on a major video conference call ever again!

Broader Range of Communication

With cloud phone systems, not only are employees more accessible, but they also have more ways to interact. Unlike landlines, they can send texts or multimedia messages to other phones and computers in the same network. Internal messaging has never been speedier or easier.

Businesses in Florida’s Tri-County area that are interested in upgrading to a cloud phone system should call South Florida VoIP at (954) 786-8647. Based in Pembroke Pines and dedicated to customer service, this unified communications company will help you find the right plan, thoroughly explain the technology process, and provide expert support after the installation. For a preview of all their business phone services, visit their website.

5 Tips to Optimize Your Business Internet Speed

Pembroke Pines, Broward
5 Tips to Optimize Your Business Internet Speed, Pembroke Pines, Florida

For many companies, the internet is integral to their operations. Whether it’s used for inventory, content management, or VoIP, a reliable business internet connection is critical. If you’ve already invested in a high-speed plan, here are a few ways you can make it as fast as possible. Or give us a call 954-786-8647 and we’ll stop by and assist you

How to Improve the Speed of Your Business Internet Connection

1. Stay Wired

Whenever possible, use an ethernet connection. Not only will the latency be lower, but it also establishes a much more reliable connection, since it doesn’t have to search for a signal from the Wi-Fi router.

2. Change the Router’s Location

business internetIf you can’t use ethernet, make sure your router is strategically located. Don’t try to hide it in a cabinet, between other pieces of computer hardware. It should be out in the open, away from the walls, and near most of the devices that depend on it.

3. Use a Password for Your Wi-Fi

Perhaps the simplest trick, password protecting your Wi-Fi ensures both speed and security as it minimizes how many people are using the connection. Make sure the password is set up as Wi-Fi Protected Access — WPA — WPA2; these encryption protocols are newer and much more secure than Wired Equivalent Privacy — WEP.

4. Clear the Cache

To improve the speed of basic internet browsing, encourage your employees to clear their browser caches regularly. Although these files are intended to make loading web pages faster, when there are too many of them it can take your browser longer to sift through and load the relevant files.

5. Regularly Scan for Malware

Although some lagging can be caused by a poor internet connection, sometimes it’s due to malware, like a virus or spyware. Install an anti-virus software that scans your computer to avoid this. Basic scans won’t interfere with daily operations, but full system scans can slow things down. Thankfully, many programs allow you to schedule these comprehensive scans however you see fit so that you can set them after office hours.


Ultimately, if you’ve tried all of this and your internet speeds still seem sub-par, the best solution may be to upgrade the connection. If you’re in Florida’s Tri-County area and seeking a business internet provider, call South Florida VoIP at (954) 786-8647. Located in Pembroke Pines, they’re known of their dedication to customer service and will work with you closely to determine what would be the best plan for you. To learn more, visit their website.

Metro Ethernet Fiber Internet Costs down by 40%

Metro Ethernet Fiber Costs down by 40% in the last 14 months. Did you know that if you handle it correctly you can get your current internet provider to lower your companies costs even if you are only 1 year into a 3 year contract.

South Florida VoIP has been assisting customer in contract renegotiations since 1995. We have developed tried and true methods to get this done. Plus we normally get your ISP to pay us so you don’t have to.

Tired of high costs South Florida VoIP can help! Need faster speed but have 2 years left on your contract? We can assist you in getting both a faster speed and a lower net bill. we just help a customer who was paying $1321.00 a month for fiber and 8 phones lines triple there speed and cut there costs to $784.00.

Give us call today at 954-786-7647 a discover why our clients repeatedly give us 5 star ratings


Is your phone and internet company overcharging your business? We can help

Have your Telephone service and Internet bills audited regularly by a professional!


We recently finished up an audit of a local business with 9 employees. They were paying $34.95 for 11 users and on an outdated broadband contract. They were also having issues every day with their COAX internet connection and paying to much for it. The internet issues were also effecting there phone system and service whenever there best effort COAX internet was malfunctioning. Note it was and still is malfunctioning daily. South Florida VoIP was able to address all of there issues and save them over $1200.00 a year while getting them better service and support.

South Florida VoIP was  able to do the following for them without charging them any fee’s

  1. Get there VoIP service provider to refund 1 user for 34 months which was a $1188.30 + tax refund
  2. Re-termed their COAX and reduced their bill by $100.00 a month
  3. Added a secondary internet connection and a fail over device to ensure they always had internet and phone service. Cost $100.00 which they saved by reducing there Comcast bill.
  4. Changed them to a new VoIP provider with a whole suite of new features like text messaging, MMS, SMS, free soft phones and unlimited calling in the USA, Canada Mexico and 25 other countries plus new Polycom VVX 401 phones for $21.00 a user which saved them over $100.00 a month while getting them better service.

Call South Florida VoIP today at 954-786-8647 or 954-394-0998 and learn how your business can both communicate more effectively and lower your fixed overhead.